During the Ching Ming period, there

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During the Ching Ming period, there

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During the Ching Ming period, there were many rains, and the people on the road wanted to break the soul Online Cigarettes. Asked where the sprinkling is, the mutton is pointing to Xinghua Village.There are quite a few jingles about the Ching Ming Festival. For example: ten winters are cold, and thirty nights are light. On the first month of the 15th Lantern Festival, in February, the second dragon looked up, and the Qingming Festival put the grave on the grave and paid tribute to the ancestors tears. In the fifth half of May, the White Snake Xu Xian was not in the head. On July 7th, Tianhe matches, Niu Lang weaving women tears exchanges, August 15 clouds cover the moon, the moon is sorrowful. September 9th Chongyang Festival. Look at the chrysanthemum on the tall building. came to Dong Chen. Under the leadership of my grandfather Carton Of Marlboro Reds, I came to the grave of my grandfather and grandmother. I looked far away. The golden rapeseed was mixed with some white butterflies. When I slowly approached that night, those lovely little ones. The elf flew away with wings and wings Marlboro Gold Pack, and then it was a pile of soil that caught my eye. The mounds were cones, with a bowl of earth on top, and a red band in the middle, as if they were kept with grandfather and grandmother, and they had a castle like a small earth. In front of Qiu, it was a trembling grave. I saw that the tomb was very old Cigarettes Cheaper, the upper head was grayish white, but the bottom was black burned.Fan Hao, you come to worship soon, what are you doing there?" Dad took the rapeseed in front of him and explored half of his face. He asked me with a lighter in his hand. "Oh, come!" I opened my clothes and ran to Dad. I also learned how my father used to pull out the rape and jumped in. Grandma stood by and waited. When I saw him, I supported my shoulder and made a plan to the side. I pushed to the tomb and said, "Stand up and worship. Four times." I obeyed. At this time, I can hand over a sly coin, pointing to the pile that had already been born with fire. I said to my Nunu mouth: "Burn it!" I "oh", slammed down and bent down. Tear off the seal and silently reach out to the fire.Pointing at it, I vaguely remembered the past: I was not sensible when I was young. When my grandfather was holding me, the glasses didn��t pay attention to being stolen by my thief. When you found out, I was heavily Falling to the ground, a blink of an eye, the glass on the glasses splashed around and scratched his fingers. Just when Grandpa reached out to beat me Cigarette Online, the grandmother took me away, and the grandfather persuaded Grandpa, I was lucky to "escape."You are stunned today, how can you always be in a daze?" Mom widened her eyes, frowned and asked. I didn't answer, I continued to point the paper, but I was still absent-minded.

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